4-Part Video: “Word Study at Home”

Word Study at Home: A 4-part Talk on Word Study by Donald R Bear

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Part I Parent Word Study Talk March 8 2017 D Bear

Part II Family Word Study Talk March 2017 D Bear

Part III Family Word Study Talk March 2017 D Bear

Part IV – Family Word Study Talk March 2017 D Bear


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Talking to Families About Word Study

To Teach Phonics, Vocabulary and Spelling

Donald R. Bear                    March 2017

Guiding questions: Do you want to learn about word study? How are families involved in word study? Handouts for this series are available at www.donaldrbear.com.

I am Donald Bear, a co-author of a series of books on word study titled Words Their Way. Our books are available in bookstores everywhere.

This 4-part video talk on word study will teach you about word study and is based on our core books. Select the videos that match the development of your children. Start with Part Ia and Ib to learn about word study, and a series of suggestions for word study activities at home. Choose the next video based on your child’s development. Each part presents activities for home.

  • Part Ia. What is word study and why is it important? Overview of development and instruction (15:00)
  • Part Ib. Spelling instruction and word study activities at home (6:00)
  • Part II. Developmental word study in the Emergent and Letter Name-Alphabetic stages (11:40)
  • Part III. Within Word Pattern stage word study (11:45)
  • Part IV. Upper Level word study in the Syllables and Affixes and Derivational Relations stages (12:30)

Word Study for Phonics, Vocabulary and Spelling