Here are links to our talks in South Africa, 2016.  Write to me if you need help accessing these handouts at  

In the Papers section I have also added a link to an article in the New England Journal of Reading.

  1.  What ILA does and why it matters, 2016.  This handout is from the International Literacy Association, and as a board member I want to share a presentation that provides and overview of ILA.
  2. Strategies to Support English Learners from Lori Helman, RASA, 2016

  3. Comprehensive Handout from Donald R. Bear, 2016.  This is a large and extensive handout that encompasses most of the slides from my other talks, including others I did not have time to discuss.
  4. Their Way is Your Way Keynote from Donald R. Bear, RASA 2016.
  5. Primary Routines Word Study from Donald R. Bear, 2016.
  6. Intermediate and Secondary Routines Word Study from Donald R. Bear, 2016. 
  7. Helman RASA Keynote, October 1, 2016

Article in the New England Journal of Reading

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