Word Study Videos

The videos below were developed for “Talking to Families About Word Study: A 4-Part Video Series.” Download Handout

Word Study for Families Part 1A: What is Word Study?

Word Study for Families Part 1: Parent Word Study Talk

Word Study for Families Part II: Emergent and Beginner Stages

Word Study for Families Part III: Within Word Pattern Stage

Word Study for Families Part IV: Upper Level Word Stages

Words Their Way Videos

These seven small group word study lessons cover the developmental stages and accompanied WTW 3e. These are some of our favorite videos with a lot of student talk and excellent demonstrations from the teachers.

Emergent Stage. Concept of Word in Text.

Emergent Stage. Beginning consonant picture sort, PA, & Read With small group activities.

Letter Name/Alphabetic Stage. Consonant Digraph (sh, th, wh, ch) Picture Sort

Letter Name/Alphabetic Stage. Short Vowel Word Sort.

Within Word Pattern Stage. Long Vowel Sort.

Syllables and Affixes Stage Spelling. Inflectional Morphology.

Derivational Relations Stage. Assimilated Prefixes